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Our rules are for the website as well as for all official social media channels of NOBLE HORSE CHAMPION.

General rules

We want a friendly community and a respectful each other. Every single one of you has his share in it. Be tolerant towards other people and opinions.
Your opinion is very important to us and we welcome any comments, suggestions or feedback from you. Criticism is also welcome as long as it has been objectively expressed.
We do not tolerate insults or statements that discriminate against a person's race, origin, sex, religion, ideology, disability, age or sexual identity.
Furthermore, bullying and threats of any kind are prohibited.
Please note that much of this community is underage, so friendly interaction is even more important.
Should you notice anyone who violates these - for us self-evident - behavioral norms, please write to support. We help you and are very grateful for any advice.

Account rules

A passing on of the password is not permitted.
We will soon introduce a holiday replacement service to take care of your horses while you are away.
Nothing is happening to your horses while you are away. They will not get sick or die. They just get dirty and hungry!
Regardless of the multi-account rules, we allow a maximum of two registrations per user per day. We have had to fight against account spamming in the past and would like to take targeted action against it. This is especially true for proxy servers that are supposed to hide IP addresses. Any violation of this rule will result in the immediate deletion of the respective accounts.

Multiple Accounts

We allow you to create multiple accounts, but this only works with rules to ensure fair competition.
It is expressly forbidden that these accounts cooperate with each other. This includes that horses may not be transferred among each other, neither by trade, nor by private sales. Also the use of stallions from the stud station is not allowed.
The accounts may not be in the same club and a holiday replacement from one account for the other is not allowed.
Anyone who violates these rules will be banned directly in future. In the past, there have been numerous cheeky violations and we want to avoid abuse of multi-accounts with this hard rule interpretation. In the interests of all players who achieve their goals fairly and with a lot of work.

Violations of rules

If you violate any of the above rules, we reserve the right to issue a warning and to block or delete your account in the event of multiple warnings or serious offences.