Welcome to

Noble Horse Champion

the new online horse game


Horse Browsergame

has been developed over the last two years and will continue to develop. A great deal of importance was attached to the detailed design and presentation.

This browser game can be played for free.

Dive into the virtual world of NHC; choose your favourite breed and start with your first own horse into the world of equestrian sports.
You can choose your own career path. Become a show rider and train with your horses for the big competitions or become a breeder and make your stud world famous by breeding the best and most beautiful horses.

And now have fun - Here you can brush your first horse clean. Just take the brush and pull it over the horse's coat.

Brush me!
horse horse horse
horse horse horse horse horse


The care of your horses is very important. But the trust and the affection you have to work for. The care values sink daily, however, are dependent on the box revaluation.
Buy stables and stalls with your individual colours and design.
If your horse stud is big enough, you can start an agricultural use and also hire staff.

We have integrated a unique and interactive care system via drag and drop.


With over 150 training values in 8 different disciplines, you can train your horse to become a champion.
There are many different types of tournaments, beauty contests, foal shows and also stallion and mare licensing.

American Paint Horse
Gypsy Vanner


Become a successful breeder by breeding your favorite breed and become known all over the world.
Use our fast breeding system - foals are born after 11 days, but there are also regular events with breeding shortenings.
Your breeding will receive a unique breeding abbreviation that will automatically appear before or after the horse's name.
Breeding works without complicated genes and inheritance.

Form your own breeding community and achieve your goals together by sharing your stallions and getting great benefits from the club.


This browser game was developed as a Bachelor thesis under the working title 'Riding Academy' in the summer of 2017.
After the submission of this extraordinary work, the project came to a standstill until it was brought back to life with new beautiful graphics.
On 1 May 2019 the browser game was released under the new name Noble Horse Champion in an alpha version.
Since then, new content has been added in regular updates and a large community has been created.
But NHC is still at the very beginning of a long and adventurous journey around the horse. Follow us on this journey and experience many new breeds and game content.

Many thanks to all the diligent helpers without whom this project would not be possible.