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The new free horse browsergame

Play completely free and immerse yourself in the world of Noble Horse Champion. Choose your favourite breed and enter the world of equestrian sports with your first own horse. You can choose your own career path. Become a show rider and train your horses for the big competitions or become a breeder and make your stud farm world famous by breeding the best and most beautiful horses.


This browser game was developed as a Bachelor thesis under the working title 'Riding Academy' in the summer of 2017.
After the submission of this extraordinary work, the project came to a standstill until it was brought back to life with new beautiful graphics.

On 1st May 2019 the browser game was released in an alpha version under the new name Noble Horse Champion.
Since then, new content has been added in regular updates and a large community has been created.
But NHC is still at the very beginning of a long and adventurous journey around the horse. Follow us on this journey and experience many new breeds and game content.

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Each mane and tail can be changed individually - even independently. Every breed has individual styles. Refresh the page to change the breed.

Our stable system includes 5 different box levels. The further the box is extended, the less care your horse needs. You can also purchase many different colours in the Stable Store and thus customise your stable.


A variety of equipment is available in our shop and can be easily dragged and dropped onto the horse using our drag and drop method.


Different and varied jobs help you to earn credits, so that you can expand and enlarge your stud farm.
Bring all the horses to the meadow to graze.


Exceptional coat colors

Welcome to our new update.
We are very happy that we can finally present you our new breed. From now on you can find the Appaloosa in the game.
Today the most extraordinary breed so far enters the game. At least from the color variations, the Appaloosa offers really beautiful, unique patterns.

The Appaloosa comes with 15 base colors, 18 piebalds, and two breedable coat colors. So far we have 2 mane styles, but I hear there are new ones coming soon....
As always, we are first generating new system horses for trade for a while: up to and including next Wednesday, we keep replenishing trade - if needed.

Pura Raza Española & Irish Cob
We have made a few changes to the breed names at the request of some players. However, this change does not affect every language equally.
According to the studbook, the Andalusian belongs to the Pura Raza Española, so we are now changing to this term here. (So you don't have to wish PRE, nor Andalusian in the breed survey).
Likewise, we have renamed the Gypsy Vanner to the Irish Cob in some languages.
Don't worry, nothing else has been changed in either breed.
But you may have noticed the new (partly bicolor) mane we added at the beginning of March. If you are interested in what little changes are happening in the game, besides the updates, you can always check out the developer log in the ingame area.

New Collections
Finally they are back. The Diamondhit and Boncoeur collections are back in the game. I had unfortunately accidentally released them with the Stakkatogold collection and quickly (and secretly) removed them shortly after. Now they are finally back and will stay in the game permanently.
You have wished for it for a long time and we have now fulfilled your wish: All previous "bridles" are now also available for purchase as a real bridle with reins in the Equipment Shop.

Private messages
Unfortunately there are more and more complaints about spam messages lately. I ask you at this point to refrain from any sales and purchase requests.
There are a lot of users who get a lot of these messages and I think everyone can understand that this is just annoying in the long run and does not serve its purpose. If horses are for sale, they are for sale. If not, then not.
If you continue to receive more messages like this, feel free to send a screenshot to the support mail. I will then talk to the senders concerned.
I would like to announce at this point that we will delete all private messages at the start of the beta version. This is simply a very large amount of data in the meantime. Understandably, we will also have to limit this in the beta.

Your desired breed
Now that our chosen breed has entered the game, we would like to announce our next choice. It is the Shire Horse. Unfortunately, I can't tell you yet why we chose this breed in particular. You may be curious. The Shire Horse was also very high in your choice. Here is your current ranking.
From now on, I will always delete the breeds that have already been chosen from the voting (i.e. empty your fields). I think some of you haven't understood yet that you can choose a new breed.

As always, I would like to give you an interim result of the breed survey.
1. Shetland Pony
2. Norwegian Fjord Horse
3. German riding pony
4. American Quarter Horse
(5. Shire Horse)
6. Mustang

Beta Version
I'm sure some of you are wondering when the beta will be released: Very good question.

The beta version will be built with a completely new functionality. That's why there will be a thorough familiarization with it first. That's also the reason why you can't put the 'new' bits into the old version and why I'm very much against working much more on the alpha.
It's simply that the game will be completely rewritten, so the old code will be completely unusable afterwards.
I hope I could give you a little insight.

Beta Questionnaire
We have already evaluated all questionnaires at the beginning of February. At this point I would like to thank all of you who gave us super helpful feedback.
There were a few messages that left us a bit puzzled, which is why I would like to respond to them now.

First of all: The game will remain free of charge. That was always our intention and it will stay that way. The game is financed solely through the online store. And for this reason, of course, the stable and stall limit will remain. Without this we could not offer the game for free.
There were also some requests for things that have been possible for a long time. This has surprised us very much, we try to make the information of the game in the beta even more clear and concise for you.

Some have also written: 'It is not a gripe but...'. Please don't consider it a gripe if you have something to criticize. We asked for feedback and only in this way we have the possibility to improve things. So of course we were also happy about criticism. We are in an alpha, it is far from finished. And exactly in this phase it is even more important to get honest feedback.
Finally, a big thank you for the unbelievable amount of kind words/answers we received on the last question. We just didn't expect that and it really blew us away. You are great! Thank you very much!
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The data of the individual breeds only refer to horses generated by the system. The values of offspring can deviate, because the breeding influences these values massively.